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hey laaaaaaaadies

Wouldn't you know it, Trashy Diva is having an utterly fabulous liquidation sale. I do believe I've died and gone to heaven.

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Loverly, no?
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So pretty...

And it was only $45! Yowza!

Now I just hope it fits. Trashy Diva clothes sometimes fit a little snugly around my ribcage. Tres bizarre.
I just checked out the site and there is some amazing stuff for hella cheap. I love that black lace Anna Sui dress. Alas, I am not a size 8. Alas, nothing else comes in XL.

I think you chose the best dress out of all of them!!! We'll have to visit the store while I'm down there...
Oooh, I loved that Anna Sui dress too. But size 8? I don't think so. I'd be bustin' the seams.

And I do believe they need to extend their sizes a bit. All of their clothes are extremely flattering for women of all sizes. Is XL too much to ask? I don't think so.

We'll definitely have to check it out when we're in NOLA. They have fab jewelry and t-shirts there, too.
Looking through this site further, I am realizing one thing... I need to learn to sew.
They're like that on me and even Mallory. I think they just run small in the ribcage.
I've been eyeballing that fabric...

I might just take me a little spin over there Saturdays. I gots a gift certificate to spend at Winky's, and some left over on the one from the fancy pantsy undies store there, too. (The ZK was a very good boyfriend at Xmas...)
Ooh, you'll have to fill me in on the fancy pantsy underwear store. I'm looking for a frilly pair of boy shorts to wear under my tulle Duchess skirt. So far, no dice.
Oh man, they got those, but you can also usually find them at Funky Monkey too.... among others.

I might have a pair of white ones you can borrow if need be...
I was gonna wear black ones with my outfit, but then Don made me hot pants to match my new corset. mmmm-hmmmm.
I was gonna wear black ones with my outfit, but then Don made me hot pants to match my new corset. mmmm-hmmmm.

I am so very jealous. He's crafty, and he's just your type.

I'm on the lookout for black ones, too. The frilly panties I've been finding online just aren't up to snuff. Maybe I'll just head over to Funky Monkey at some point...


January 20 2006, 13:23:03 UTC 11 years ago

Dude. Two Beastie Boys nods in one post. You are the cat's pyjamas today, missy.

I would offer up the black ones, but I think you got more bounce to the fuckin' bump back there, and these ones aren't boy-short cut, but more like undies cut.
You're welcome to them, of course, though.

Stupid no-sign-in...
That's the problem I'm encountering... I gots the junk in the trunk, and I need coverage, baby! I was just searching online again and found a nice pair on... get this... a drag queen website. I'm seriously considering ordering them, but I'm afraid of being put on some craaaaaaaazy mailing list. With my luck, I'd be receiving frequent literature about how to best strap down the old nuts and berries and disguise the adam's apple. And this would go on until the day I died.
Trashy Diva, again. They've got boy-cut style frilly panties. It's where I plan on getting mine from.
I need some for my Alice costume, too! As you know, I have a tendency to flash people.